Ella Louise moved to the Oldknows Factory at the end of February. I had the pleasure to have a chat with her about her vintage clothes brand SeasonsofElla which can be purchased on Depop. Ella Louise chooses carefully the second hand clothes,  handpicking only the ones that match her very unique style. She is a big supporter of the idea that we have to be more responsible with our resources and recycle the fabulous material that is already out there instead of supporting the ” throw away ‘ culture of the fashion world. She has been for a year to India.  Ella Louise used the time in India to build up a collaboration with a charity which supports women who live in slums or on the street. This charity teaches the women skills like sewing so they can earn their own money to have the chance to improve their lives. Ella Louise sends her designs and pattern creations to India , the women convert them into clothes and send them back to England. In this process they use fabric which consists of offcuts from big fabric and fashion companies. These offcuts would be normally discarded and end up on landfill. Don’t waste resources. SeasonsofElla is an absolutely great scheme! Buy less and more responsible.

In her studio at Oldknows Factory she shoots little videos to show how variable her fashion pieces are. Ella Louise said since she is in her studio the quality of her pictures and videos have improved dramatically due to the perfect light that comes through the big window. Her followers on Instagram increased to a staggering 20+k since she is posting the videos she is producing at Oldknows Factory. We are happy that this wonderful building still does its job fabulously, helping ambitious people to have the best success. Since the 1850’s we may add.

Ella Louise is someone to watch and we are very happy to have her as a member of our Oldknows Factory family.


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