Exciting growth for our tenants!

Posted on Jul 28, 2014

Fat Free Media have moved! The video and animation agency are getting settled into their new studio, enjoying cubic metres of space never dreamt possible, and admiring grand vistas across the beautiful city of Nottingham.

In their own words:

We now spend our time visualising ideas and making cool videos on the top floor of the Oldknows Factory, a beautiful old lace factory (but made of bricks, not lace). Built in 1850 and with loads of neat historical features, it’s now our home for the future. With the beautiful combination of exposed brickwork (the old) and slick white and pink walls (new), the space is an absolute dream to come and work in every day.

We now have a much bigger meeting room which will be great for creative brainstorming with clients. We have a number of other breakout spaces too, as well as a dedicated server room (which keeps the heat down in the office, thankfully). There is also plenty of entrance space for Dan to store his skateboard in the morning, which was the biggest factor in us needing to move in the first place.

We are delighted to be here, and it feels absolutely wonderful to spend every day working in an environment that reflects our passions and creativity. Our door is (mostly) always open, so feel free to pop in and say hello any time (we even have some ice-creams in for our favourite people).

Check out their great new home (and give us a shout if you’re looking for space too!):


Original article on: http://fatfreemedia.co.uk/journal/our-new-studio/

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