Lee van Hallam ,brilliant portrait artist (among many many other talents )

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

Lee , one of our long term residents at Oldknows Factory , is just incredibly talented. It is always a joy to visit him in his studio and go through his maps of work. A few years ago he did a drawing of my daughter which I gave as a Christmas present to my Mum. So unique and beautiful. The whole family loves it and the drawing has now a special place in my Mum’s home.

During his travels through Britain he takes plenty of photos which inspires him to be transformed into a painting or a drawing . He has an eye to take a detail out of the context of a composition and this detail stands alone as a magical new topic . Lee said something beautiful describing his work : It is like a poem floating over a story. How gorgeous is that saying ?!

His creativity doesn’t stop there …. Lee is a fantastic musician and composer as well. Lee receives regularly art commission work .

Lee’s music 

Lee’s art

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