Malvern and his company Careright Solutions are new residents at Oldknows Factory. Malvern wants to revolutionise the world of care. The care sector will become more and more important as the demography shows that citizens will get older and older.

The perfect care solution is varied as the people who need it. It might be a visit to support at household chores and offering company for the elderly who are still capable to run their life and just need a bit of help. Up to support for the bedridden and sick ones who need 24/7 assistance.

Malvern is very passionate about his clients and his staff. His staff is handpicked and during his interviews he makes sure they share the same passion and beliefs.

Careright Solutions is definitely a company to watch.

During our little chat Malvern mentioned that he really loves coming to work at his office in Oldknows Factory.  Malvern said that Oldknows Factory is an Utopia of everything, brilliant network, fab people and a wonderful positive vibe.

Thank you so much for your kind words . You are a fabulous addition to our Oldknows Factory family.


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