Paul Atchison is back from his wonderful trip to Canada

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Paul had a bit of a sabbatical leave and took some time off to clear his mind and ponder over some ideas. ( Yes, we are officially jealous !! ) Paul and his wife went to Canada visited Vancouver and dived into the amazing nature. He told me that he really enjoyed the laid back attitude of the Canadians and the difference to attitude back in the UK is huge. You arrive back here and the rudeness and stress level is quite another dimension, he said to me.

Paul shared some fantastic stories and he was really inspired by the beautiful artisan and craft scene which is big in North America. People want to take a step back from the clean sterile digital signage and tend towards handwritten or hand painted traditional signage. Paul saw some amazing murals and he loved the personal and unique approach to marketing.  Back home he tries to channel all the impressions into his own graphic design, lettering and typography.

Paul we are happy that you are back, you are a great member of the Oldknows Family and you were missed. Have look at Paul’s wonderful work.



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