Serena Simmons is a chartered psychologist who works 2 days a week as a senior psychology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Her background  is forensic and criminal psychology. As brilliantly said in her own words : she decided to go to the other side and focus on the “good stuff”.

Now she helps people who feel that they are stuck unhappily in a job and a never-ending hamster wheel to discover their potential of change. Serena detects in one to one or group meetings the problem, helps to find a solution and evolve . Finding the best you and the best professional life you can have.  Serena stays in contact with her clients and  follows their journey.

Serena offers packages to corporate companies to help management , peak performance and motivation.

The latest in her entrepreneurial portfolio is a programme called Ape-athy. We will keep you informed about this exciting new project.



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