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Office Space To Rent Nottingham

We provide amazing office space Nottingham for businesses and creatives alike to thrive among other like-minded individuals and companies. We’re proud to offer unique, stylish office spaces for you and your team to flourish and express your creativity.

Whether you’re a fresh business, looking to create a foundation, or an established business looking into expansion, we have your dream office space to rent Nottingham waiting for you.

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Why Choose Our Office Space To Rent Nottingham?

Renting our office spaces gives a wide range of benefits for your business and working environment. Oldknows Factory offers a community of like-minded and creative individuals, conjoined by their passion for a variety of subjects.

Start-up businesses and established enterprises are treated equally, with offered opportunities for flexible contacts for each of our clients. Through thorough and ongoing conversations and building a mutual understanding, we can establish time brackets to suit your needs, allowing flexible use of our office spaces.
Utilising our office spaces as your working environment gives endless benefits to employees in the form of shopping centres, transport and food courts. With each of these outstanding factors being within minutes of our chic offices, you can truly benefit from Nottingham’s outstanding staples.
By renting with Oldknows, your office space Nottingham is not only a state-of-the-art space with endless potential, but we are also sure that you’ll be highly impressed by your neighbours. Specialising in a wide range of niches, you may find collaborative opportunities, benefiting both parties in workload or events.
With bus, tram and train stations being within a few minutes walking distance, your business may benefit from Nottingham’s transport links. With simple travelling connections, recruiting opportunities become more apparent and ease access for existing employees, increasing morale throughout the workplace.
Though our office spaces are spacious and able to accommodate many forms of functionalities, we also offer additional meeting spaces. Regardless of the reasoning behind the meeting, whether it may be an interview or a work briefing, we have the meeting space to suit your needs.

For more information about our office space to rent Nottingham, contact our team today. We'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions. We tailor our services to your requirements, such as team size, daily functionality and more. Join our creative and innovative community, boost morale throughout your workplace and take advantage of the chic industrial aesthetic.

FAQs for Office Space to Rent Nottingham

We have a lot more to offer than just an office space. Our facility as a whole is an iconic Nottingham landmark; we also have everything you could need in terms of facilities for a creative and growing business. Companies and individuals who have worked in the Oldknows Factory over the years have built a vibrant community in which a diverse range of businesses have collaborated and thrived. We boast a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where networking among like-minded businesses is commonplace. In our communal areas you’ll find ping pong tables, sofas to relax on and more than likely a neighbour to say hello to! In addition, you will find that the Oldknows Factory is located in a fantastic area, close to Nottingham City Centre where you’ll find countless wonderful stores, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and more. If you’re looking for office spaces to rent, the Oldknows Factory has all you need for your business and your team to thrive!
We are proud to be home to a wide range of businesses at the Oldknows Factory. From artists to photographers to digital agencies, we’re a very diverse building catering to the needs of all different types of business types. With a range of office space sizes available and flexible contracts, it positions you in a great place to grow as a business here in Nottingham, since you can scale up or down whenever you require. Whether you are a large or small business, client facing or not, we are confident that you’ll find a suitable office space Nottingham at the Oldknows Factory.
The Oldknows Factory is positioned in a buzzing area of Nottingham, a fantastic central location with excellent transport links to all over the UK. Nottingham is located in the East Midlands and has established itself as a prosperous city for all sorts of creative businesses. You’ll see the best that Nottingham has to offer here at the Oldknows Factory, being in close proximity to town and other great facilities. There are superb rail, motorway and bus links to the Oldknows Factory in the heart of Nottingham. This makes it ideal for growing companies looking for office space Nottingham. Whether you would like to train up new recruits or staff members to build your dream team, or you require the office space to grow and expand your business, we have the amenities and facilities to help you realise this right here, right in the centre of Nottingham.
This depends on the office space you want to move into. We have been known to move people in within a day on our smaller units. We’ll work as quickly as we can to get you set up in your brand new space. The waiting time may depend on whether the current office space is already occupied.
Yes. Flexible leases and contracts are available with all of our office spaces. We want to give you the opportunity and the flexibility to thrive as a business, and we understand that this requires flexible leases. Providing there is space available for you to do so, you can upscale or downscale your office space according to the needs of your business. We look after everything in regards to your office space, to ensure you can focus on what you do best: running a successful business or providing training in one of the best facilities available in a central Nottingham location.
We have a range of different office spaces available in Nottingham, in various sizes and styles so we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote based on your business needs. From one person office spaces to creative studios to large offices, we can cater to your budget and any unique business requirements. Get in touch today to book your free tour around the Oldknows Factory to see where your business could fit in to our range of stylish office space to rent Nottingham. We look after everything in regards to your office space, to ensure you can focus on what you do best: running a successful business or providing training in one of the best facilities available in a central Nottingham location.
Oldknows Factory provides office space Nottingham for a variety of industry niches and creative tendencies. The surrounding community is full of talented individuals with various occupations, from digital marketing to art creation. Regardless of your line of work, you may find collaborative opportunities to work in correlation with your surrounding office spaces.
We have a dedicated page to display the general appearance of Oldknows Factory, as well as the types of businesses already occupying our outstanding office spaces in Nottingham. Our office spaces in Nottingham offer a unique and morale-boosting work environment, we shy away from the typical office setting, yet remain professional. With the use of eccentric features and staple points, every working day can be exciting and fruitful.

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