Should I Rent an Artist Studio?

Should I Rent an Artist Studio?

Working as an artist can be isolating and moving into a dynamic studio group can offer much-needed support. But what are the issues, costs and considerations of finding an artist space? How do you know when you’re ready and if the timing is right? The fact of the matter is that every art business is different, so it depends on who you are as an artist and where you are both personally and financially. We at the Oldknows Factory have put together a list to help you decide whether you should rent an artist studio? 


1. Do I Need a Better Work-Life Balance?


Maybe your artistic process keeps being interrupted by phone calls or children at home, or maybe you can’t seem to put the brush down when other priorities call. Having your current workspace right in your home can pose a problem for some artists’ work-life balance. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider getting a separate studio space. If you can’t seem to find inspiration or motivation in your current workspace, you may find peace in going to a studio every day. This can help you “train” yourself to be creative, says Empty Easel, because your brain knows that it’s time to get to work when you arrive.


2. What type of space would help me be more creative and productive?


As a professional artist, you want to be as creative and productive as possible. Many are able to accomplish this perfectly with an at-home studio. But, if you don’t have the right space at home, you may need to find your own art studio to get the job done. Consider this next question, as well.


3. Is there a studio in my area that meets my needs and price requirements?


After determining if there is room in your budget, figure out if there is an available space that meets all of your needs. Is there a studio space that is the right size, type of space, distance from home, and cost for your art business? And depending on your budget, don’t be afraid to get creative with what constitutes a studio space. It’s whatever you think will work best for you.


4. Is an office to rent at the Oldknows Factory for you?


Every artist will have a different answer as to what will work best for them. Weigh up the benefits and costs for your own art business to determine if getting an art studio is right for you. And remember, if you decide that one option is better for you at this point in your art career, you can always answer these questions again later on and make an art studio change.


The Oldknows Factory has plenty of artist studios to rent! If you are looking to break out into your own unique studio then look no further. The Oldknows Factory holds a range of facilities and amenities to help your creativity and productivity flow. It’s full of unique character and a great established community full of passionate individuals and companies. Whatever position you are in, be it an entrepreneur, young professional or an established business we have the perfect artist studio to rent!


If you have any further questions about our artist studio to rent, then feel free to get in contact with us. Also to get an idea of the vibe of the Oldknows Factory then you should check out our website and social media platforms. Give us a call to discuss an artist studio on 0115697057 or Contact Us

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Checklist For Find inThe Perfect Office to Rent

Checklist For Finding The Perfect Office to Rent

Finding the perfect office space can be a tall order and everyone has their own list of different priorities. We have made it a little easier for you and put together a checklist which should help you to focus on the main considerations when choosing the right office space for your startup or small-medium business.  

1. Location

The ideal location for your office space is one which provides the most overall gains to your business. It should be situated in an area that allows you to manage and operate your business as effectively and efficiently as possible, therefore facilitating long-term success.

2. Transport and Parking

Make sure that the office is located in an area served by good road networks and public transport. Is it convenient for you, your staff and clients? An office that is easy to access by road, public transport, and on foot can have a significant impact on your own work-life and that of your staff.  Also, are there safe and convenient parking spaces within close proximity to the office – for you, your employees and clients? Having a business near a city centre can be ideal as it allows your business to be regularly accessible by local and national transport. 

3. Local amenities

Is there a suitable selection of local amenities in the area? You’ll want to keep an eye out for things such as coffee shops and restaurants where you can entertain clients; post offices, banks, office supply stores for day-to-day business needs, supermarkets, gyms, bars, and more. The Oldknows Factory in Nottingham has all of these within walking distance! 

4. Size

Choosing the right size of the office is important for both short-term and long-term business needs. Is there sufficient storage space for equipment and supplies? Is there an area where staff can take their breaks and where you can have meetings with clients?

5. The building

Is the building presentable and in a good state of repair? Can you access the office after hours? Is it well lit in the evening? Is the building secure, and is there sufficient security in place? Will you feel safe there in the early morning or evening? Does it have a suitable toilet, kitchen, and meeting room facilities? These are all things you need to consider when choosing which building to rent an office in.

6. Broadband connection

Fast internet is one of the most important factors for tenants when choosing an office space. It’s a necessity when running a business – slow and unreliable internet can have a detrimental effect on your success. Is the area well served by a variety of phone and broadband providers? Can you get reliable, high-speed internet coverage and a good Wi-Fi connection that allows you to communicate efficiently and do your work? Does the office have phone and internet already installed, or will you have to arrange an engineer to set this up?

7. What’s included?

See what is included or that is available when choosing your office space to rent:

  • Is the office space furnished and equipped, or will you have to spend additional money purchasing office furniture, installing phone and internet supplies, and adding additional power outlets?
  • Is there a toilet that is clean, well maintained, and suitable for staff and clients?
  • Are there kitchen facilities or will you have to install one yourself?
  • Do you have to arrange reception, cleaning, and security, or are these included in the rent or offered as optional services?
  • Are you responsible for maintenance and repairs, or does the landlord take care of these things?
  • Is insurance provided? How much are business and water rates for the space?
  • Are there additional service fees to pay on top of your rent?
  • What’s the process and notice period for exiting the lease or rental agreement?

8. Alterations

Your working environment has a significant impact on our mood, wellbeing, and productivity levels. It also plays an important role in the way in which your business is viewed by others, including employees and clients. If you are renting or leasing an office space, will you be allowed to change the decor and make alterations to improve the space? If there is no room for negotiation, this could pose a problem for you.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Office Space to rent in Nottingham?

The Oldknows Factory is an iconic landmark in Nottingham and has been here since 1850. It’s full of unique character, lots of office space to rent and a great established community full of passionate individuals and companies. Whatever position you are in be it an entrepreneur, young professional or an established business we have the perfect office to rent for you!


Please do contact us if you have any questions about renting an office for the first time. Also to get an idea of the vibe of the Oldknows Factory then you should check out our website and social media platforms. Give us a call to discuss an office to rent on 0115697057 or Contact Us

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Victor is a graphic designer specialising in the arts

Victor and his SimaoStudio graphic design is focussed on the promotion of the arts. He works closely together with theatres, film companies and artists. He benefits from the experience he collected while working as a curator. Victor supports film companies in creating little promotional videos to make it easier for small freelance independent film makers to gain grants. His work is amazing and if you are an independent creative who wants to push your degree of brand awareness Victor is your right choice.

At the moment Victor works closely with the Nottingham Contemporary and the Campus Independent Study Program.

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Malvern building his brand Careright Solutions

Malvern and his company Careright Solutions are new residents at Oldknows Factory. Malvern wants to revolutionise the world of care. The care sector will become more and more important as the demography shows that citizens will get older and older.

The perfect care solution is varied as the people who need it. It might be a visit to support at household chores and offering company for the elderly who are still capable to run their life and just need a bit of help. Up to support for the bedridden and sick ones who need 24/7 assistance.

Malvern is very passionate about his clients and his staff. His staff is handpicked and during his interviews he makes sure they share the same passion and beliefs.

Careright Solutions is definitely a company to watch.

During our little chat Malvern mentioned that he really loves coming to work at his office in Oldknows Factory.  Malvern said that Oldknows Factory is an Utopia of everything, brilliant network, fab people and a wonderful positive vibe.

Thank you so much for your kind words . You are a fabulous addition to our Oldknows Factory family.

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Thrive Learning at Oldknows Factory

Thrive Learning is a smart start up company which has moved to its Oldknows Factory premises at the end of last year.

The company is all about learning and giving you the right tools to improve your skills to make a stand in the modern world of work. Thrive Learning offers  LXP features, bespoke E-learning that is really tailored to your needs. Covering all topics you need from leading, manager, interview, health, public speaking skills just to name a few , Thrive Learning covers it all.

Contact them if you would like to find out more. Their amazing team will be happy to support and help.

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David Hoare and his company dhp digital at Oldknows Factory

dhp digital‘s headquarter is at Oldknows Factory in Nottingham but David and his team of freelancers travel all over the world to work with creative agencies and clients. dhp digital is a production house which specialises in advertising image creation. The productions are vivid , modern, contemporary and focus on the people behind a brand.

The  high profile clients range from Deutsche Bank, Harrods, Santander, Range Rover just to mention a few.

David’s interest in filming , videography and marketing was rooted through his father who worked for the BBC.  Seeing your father to be involved in the production of Dr. Who ….. who would not head in a similar creative direction?

David studied photography, art and design and since 7 years he owns dhp digital limited company.

dhp digital is the right contact for you and your company if you would like to raise the profile and perception of your brand. Highly professionally executed , working closely with the client and having a feel what needs to be shown through the marketing tool.

We are very proud to have David at Oldknows Factory.

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