Still not found your dream place to set up your business? Do you want to work in a fully fledged office? Well at the Oldknows Factory we are offering cool office spaces near Netherfield. What makes an office space cool, you may ask? Well in our opinion the office and the surrounding areas are very important. The space around you can affect your creativity and productivity, so in our building, we like to think we have something for everyone with our charismatic building and top notch facilities. The Oldknows Factory is one of Nottingham’s notable landmarks, and we are located just a short distance away from Netherfield Nottingham, easily accessible via car or public transport. Join our vibrant, creative community of businesses, entrepreneurs, tech startups, and more near Netherfield.

The cool office spaces we provide includes an open plan office with plenty of space and character to give you and your employees their dream working environment. We are located near Netherfield, which is very close to the city centre making it easy for you to commute to the Oldknows Factory. Not only that but we have built up a fantastic community of like minded and successful businesses operating at the Oldknows Factory. The cool office space definitely makes working in the building enjoyable, with an industrial revolution chic and fantastic huge windows making it perfect for all types of businesses.

Cool office space Netherfield
Cool office space Netherfield

Fantastic Space Near Netherfield

If you are looking for a fresh start and want to work in a creative and inspiring place near Netherfield, then look no further. Don’t just take our word for it, ask some of the local inhabitants of the Oldknows Factory! You and your team will be able to take advantage of a variety of indoor and outdoor open communal areas, in a relaxed and modern vibe. We are sure that our cool office space near Netherfield, will be ideal for you to transform them into an environment where you and your team will be happy to call home.

We love the community feel of the building and we look forward to you meeting our other occupants too. There is always a great opportunity to network with one another and build beneficial relationships that will stand for years to come. We know you will feel right at home in a cool office space near Netherfield. Take a further look on our website and check out the vibe of the Oldknows Factory.

Take a Tour Of Our Cool Office Space

Would you like to tour our cool office spaces available today near Netherfield? Due to our flexible contract terms, we can accommodate a wide range of different businesses, creative individuals, freelancers & much more. We are always happy to listen to your requirements and will do our very best to meet them.

To book a tour, call 0115 6971057 and let us know a time and a date that suits you. Or, fill out our contact form below. We can’t wait to show you around our cool office spaces and we are sure that once we do, you will fall in love with it too. Just a short distance away from Netherfield and Nottingham City Centre (7 minutes walk!), you will have all you need nearby. This includes good transport links, all the benefits of a thriving city centre, along with quirky & stunning exposed brick office spaces.

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