David Hoare and his company dhp digital at Oldknows Factory

dhp digital‘s headquarter is at Oldknows Factory in Nottingham but David and his team of freelancers travel all over the world to work with creative agencies and clients. dhp digital is a production house which specialises in advertising image creation. The productions are vivid , modern, contemporary and focus on the people behind a brand.

The  high profile clients range from Deutsche Bank, Harrods, Santander, Range Rover just to mention a few.

David’s interest in filming , videography and marketing was rooted through his father who worked for the BBC.  Seeing your father to be involved in the production of Dr. Who ….. who would not head in a similar creative direction?

David studied photography, art and design and since 7 years he owns dhp digital limited company.

dhp digital is the right contact for you and your company if you would like to raise the profile and perception of your brand. Highly professionally executed , working closely with the client and having a feel what needs to be shown through the marketing tool.

We are very proud to have David at Oldknows Factory.

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