office space to rent nottingham what you need to know

Office Space in Nottingham: What to Know

If you are looking to make a profit while keeping your expenses low, our selection of office spaces to rent in Nottingham are for you. Enquire today.

Despite what people think, office spaces are very helpful for business and entrepreneurship, because in most cases they provide you with all the basic tools you need to work and carry out your tasks on a daily basis.

Office spaces are usually rented by people who have a business, and since there are a lot of people looking for office space for rent in Nottingham, you need to know what to look for.

What to Look For

It is easy to rent an office space, whatever suits your needs. But there are few factors to consider when renting an office. The following are some major keys in deciding which office space is suitable for you and your purpose:

  1. Location
  2. Size of the office
  3. Facilities it offers.

The first thing you will need is a good Location.

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking for the place where the command centre of our business will be located.


Necessary to know the market segment you are targeting, what is your target market, moving to a new location involves taking into account whether the city or state we choose is a potential population in which our business has the opportunity to trade, you must also take into consideration the competition because it is useless to move an ideal place for our business but oversaturated by our competition.


We have already made clear the importance of the territory, now we find a perfect place that does not affect our price range, but there is a small problem, it is out of town or in the middle of nowhere, so it is useless to have a bargain price if, in the end, it will not be favourable for our business.


The cost of running a business varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Have you considered the different tax implications of operating in one state and another? If you are close to the state line, this may be worth studying. Different cities may also have different regulations and by-laws, which may affect your bottom line.


We must not neglect the security of our office. Is the neighbourhood safe? Does the centre offer security regulations? Can work shifts be affected by this? These are some of the questions that you could take into account when choosing, remember that you must guarantee the security of your business in order to provide a quality service or product.

Get in Touch

Remember you should choose an office space that is located close to you but much more important than it is close to the city centre,  the sector that best suits your business, and accessible to your clients.

Now that you know the most important things you need to know about office space, the only thing left to do is to choose the best one that matches your capital and the neighbourhood that best suits your business. Rent office spaces in Nottingham with Oldknows Factory today.

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Office Space Do I Need

How Much Office Space Do I Need In Nottingham?

A common mistake businesses make is miscalculating how much office space they will need. Especially under the current global pandemic, it is even more important than ever that you pick the right sized office for you. No more cramped up offices, desk-to-desk, we now have to make sure we’re two metres apart from our colleagues and don’t work face to face. This means possibly doubling the office space size and determining how much you intend to grow your business. In this blog article, we will discuss roughly how much space you need for your Nottingham office so you feel prepared for your exciting new venture! 

If you’re asking yourself the question ‘How much office space do I need?’, it is likely that you’re currently looking for an office space for your own staff. If you’re unsure about the current guidelines and where you are able to rent out a safe office space- we’ve got you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your trendy new office space in Nottingham. 

Pre lockdown vs lockdown – How much office space do I need? 

Before lockdown, the average desk space for one person was 10 square metres or even decreasing to a minimum of 7-8 square metres in London. This estimate means that a person acquires 5 square metres for a desk and 5 square metres for themselves. During lockdown, the safe space size per person has increased to 20 square metres at a minimum. Although this is a disadvantage for businesses as they will have to spend more on their required amount of office space, it is much safer and more comfortable for their employees. Many employers have now realised how well their staff work from home, so could reduce their staff working from the office by 30%. This will downsize their office, effectively reducing the cost of the extra space required due to covid regulations. 

What about other required office spaces like the toilet, kitchen and meeting rooms?

It’s worth keeping in mind that you will have to consider areas where your employee’s can ‘chill out’, cook, eat and go to the toilet. Without a kitchenette and toilet, you are breaking the rules outlined by the workplace regulations act 1992. Take our guideline as a rule of thumb when considering the amount of office space you need. 

Small meeting room (2-4 people) – 40 square metres

Large meeting room (4-8 people) – 80 square metres

Board room (15 – 20 people) – 160 square metres

Training/conference room (20 – 30 person) – 200 square metres

Kitchenette – 40 square metres

Small server room (1 server rack) – 20 square metres

Manager’s office – 40 square metres

Senior manager’s office (with a small meeting table) – 80 square metres

Toilet- 40 square metres

If I’m planning to grow my business, how much office space do I need? 

If you’re planning to hire new people, you need to consider how much extra office space you will need in the future. You have three options.

Option 1–  In my opinion, the most moral and easy way to do this is to consider how many more people you expect to hire in the next 3 years and dedicate a zone for the expected new employee’s. 

Option 2– You could also get a bigger office space and give more space to your current employee’s, slowly decreasing their space as newcomers arrive. Although this option is the most common, it isn’t great for morale unless you make it clear to your employee’s that some of their space will eventually be taken up.

Option 3– The third option is to buy the office size you need and find somewhere else as and when you need it. This is the most stressful outcome as you don’t know when you might need to move- it could be in just 6 months! When you already have the stress of running a business, you do not need the added stress of moving all your employee’s and all the equipment to an uncomfortable, new environment.

If my business is different, how much office space do I need? 

Our blog is just a guideline, and you may want to consider how your office space size will affect your employee’s and your business. For example, if you hand sew clothes, you will need to consider space for a sewing machine and materials. This will ensure your employees are comfortable. 

The new, trendy way to run your office 

Many more employers are now considering open-plan offices, where everyone is in one, big, open office space. This new trend is catching onto many businesses due to:

  • Easier communication due to no physical barriers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility 

If you want to look at the benefits of having an open office in detail, you can read our blog about it. 

Other points worth mentioning when you think ‘how much office space do I need’? 

What is the office shape? – You will need to consider the shape of the office as if it is an awkward shape you may not be able to fit as many staff in as required.

What style of office do I want? – Do you want something vibrant, or simple and airy? If your business is creative you might want lots of light, or a darker room might suit you if you require a stock room.

What is the condition of the office space? – At the end of the day, you need to make sure your staff are happy. Is your office going to be too cold in the winter? Is the space going to inspire your staff to work more efficiently? These are all things to consider. 

Can you be more efficient with equipment space? – Would it be better to have a room specifically for equipment or have it spread out over the office? 

How much does an office space cost? – Generally, property agents work out the price per square foot. Make sure that you compare prices to get the most out of your money. 

Overall, the best way to decide on what office you want is to see it yourself. I hope this guide has helped you develop new ideas for your office space, we wish you the best of luck! If you are looking for new, trendy office spaces in Nottingham, you should browse our website today!

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Do open office spaces work?

Designed to reduce the number of barriers placed between workers, open office spaces are workplaces with an open-plan design. There are no partitions, nor are there any private offices, instead there are various different environments such as kitchens and lounge areas. Workers are usually placed alongside each other, with the entire floor visible to an employee. 

The first open-plan office was implemented by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939, with the aim of increasing productivity. The inclusion of 200 staff members on one floor was accompanied by warmer lighting, a sound absorbing ceiling, and congregation spaces. Whilst the designs of open-plan workplaces have changed dramatically since the 30’s, it’s purpose still remains the same. To create a more collaborative and social office environment.


The Advantages of open office space

A lack of cubicles immediately opens up room for communication between team members across the office space. If each employee was granted their own private office, there would be a substantial sense of isolation between them and their co-workers. Once these barriers are taken down, conversation becomes much more accessible. This can improve the relationship between colleagues and make for a happier work environment. 

Many companies introduce open-office spaces in order to appear more forward-thinking, or even modern. These workplaces prioritise their employees, by creating a variety of spaces for relaxation and for different modes of working. They are built for inclusivity. These types of offices are also less costly for the business. The depletion of cubicles reduces the investment needed towards an office design, communal spaces result in company resources being shared, and utility bills are significantly lowered.


The Disadvantages of open office space

Despite the positive aims of open-office spaces, these environments can have their pitfalls. 

Noise is a huge aspect of open-office workplaces, and can actually reduce productivity for workers. With a vast amount of distractions, some employees struggle to concentrate and complete their daily tasks. It was reported that 80% of workers specified noise as a top distraction in an office space. 

A lack of privacy can also cause issues within the workplace. Introverts may regress in an open-office, with a feeling of intimidation caused by constantly being “on display.” Many employees don’t feel as productive in the company of an office manager, as the pressure of appearing busy can create a stressful environment. 

Open-office workspaces are also rife for the spread of viruses. Similar to schools during flu season, the lack of barriers between employees can easily spread any cold or fevers. With the majority of staff off sick, productivity grinds to a halt and can affect company progress. 


Does open office space work? 

So, do open-office spaces actually work? Well, yes…and no. The success of an open-office workplace relies heavily on the employees themselves, whether they can thrive in that kind of environment. Whilst the pros do seem to outweigh the cons, the downsides must still be taken into consideration. 

With 49% of employees in the UK working in an open-plan office, businesses have taken on board the advantages of these surroundings and attempted to increase productivity. Keeping an eye on your employees is key to a happy workplace and taking their thoughts and opinions into account can result in a thriving work environment. For more information on our open-offices spaces, visit our website here or feel free to contact us with any queries. If you’re a small to medium business looking for office space to rent in Nottingham, the Oldknows Factory have you covered.

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Brightening Up Your Office Space Post COVID

If you are planning to open a new business in a space that has not been previously used or you are thinking to transform your existing office space that may have been dormant during COVID regulations, then the best way to do so is by incorporating different lighting ideas that would instantly brighten up your office space. This involves creating the best electrical networks and connections as done by the electrician. Also, the electrician will keep all the appliances in proper condition by regular maintenance.

However, this is not a simple task as it may seem. It requires planning and proper implementation to receive the final image that you might have created in your mind. Moreover, they are also familiar with the latest lighting trends going on in the market that you can install in your office to brighten it up.

Using Smart Lighting Methods Within Your Office Space

If your office has little or no amount of natural light coming in, then the electrician will suggest you imitate the natural light effect by installing smart lighting choices. For this, he will install bright lights that will help brighten up space without causing eyestrain and are also cost-effective saving your energy bills. He might install a few LED wall lamps that are famous for producing natural warm light. The electrician can guide you about the types of light you choose like the LED strips, bulbs, and tubes.

Lighting That Compliments Your Office Space Furniture

The electrician will first examine your whole office décor and then will install lighting that complements and enhances the overall office décor. He will make use of lamps rather than overhead lighting. A floor lamp can be considered as a stylish yet effective way of illuminating the office area in natural light effect way. While working in the office sometimes you need focused light for your desk only. For this electrician will install task lights beneath a shelf placed over your workspace area.

Recessed Lighting Opportunities

There is one more technique of brightening up your office equivalent to natural light effect and that is recessed lighting. Using this technique, plenty of even and overhead lighting is installed throughout your workspace that enhances office appeal also. Other than the typical benefits of increasing brightness within the office, such as overall workload increase, motivation and happiness for employees, there are also amazing aesthetic benefits with recessed lighting.

Office Spaces To Rent Nottingham

The Oldknows Factory oozes uniqueness and industrial chic. Whether you’re a young professional, an entrepreneur or an established business looking for the opportunity to expand, then you should definitely be considering one of Nottingham’s inspiring landmarks. The old lace factory boasts a range of facilities and amenities to inspire your productivity. With a variety of open communal areas, there is ample opportunity to build your office culture and establish a relaxed modern vibe, shared by all our tenants.


For further information on our office space for rent in Nottingham, contact Oldknows Factory today. Our team will be happy to assist you, offering a service based on your requirements, such as team size, daily functionality and more. Join our creative and innovative community, boost morale throughout your workplace and take advantage of the unique structure and style.

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How To Make Your Office Space Feel More Creative

How To Make Your Office Space Feel More Creative

Research has shown that our working environment has a direct impact on our mental health. A gloomy, oppressive office causes us to feel more stressed, even when not at work. That’s why when you are looking for office space, it has to be functional, but it should also be a pleasant and inspiring environment for your employees.

If you feel like your current office space is zapping you and the team of your creativity, passion and work efficiency, then maybe it’s time for a change. Here are some simple tips for achieving a workspace that’s both creative and conducive to ultimate productivity, but first…

What is a Creative Office Space? 

A creative workspace is what you make it, it’s that environment you bring into your workspace, that allows you and others to work in a place which will benefit all. The answer is any and/or all of the above. A creative office space is somewhere that breaks free of the stifling cubicle culture of times gone by. It is somewhere that’s playful and open – inviting creativity, flexibility and collaboration. There are no set rules, but there are some key principles… here are some of the best ways to incorporate them into your own office:

1. How To Make Things Feel as Spacious as Possible

When looking for an office space, it must be open and feel spacious. Clutter can halt creativity and productivity. Look for an office space that will inspire and impress your staff/clients. You could also try ditching unused desks in lieu of flexible spaces and common areas filled with stylish sofas, coffee tables and armchairs for a laid-back, spacious vibe. 

2. Always Keep it Bright and Light 

A dingy space with no natural light can kill off creativity. You and your team need an office space that enhances feelings of wellbeing. Also, why not bring some of the outdoors in with some plants? This can help to counteract stress, and it’s an easy design win if you’re using serviced offices, for example, and can’t mess too much with the decor. 

3. Your Dream Office

As well as inducing feelings of calm, a creative office space should feel exciting and inspiring. This can be down to your choice of location of office space, maybe a building with some history or somewhere that provokes your creativity. 

4. Introduce a Creative Hub

Providing your staff with a dedicated area to help boost their creativity is a must. Everyone has those moments when creativity dwindled, it’s kind of like writer’s block. Strategists, copywriters, account managers, graphic designers and many more professionals rely on feeling inspired to be able to come up with the kind of ideas that deliver great results.

With this in mind, make sure your employees are able to feed that inspiration by providing them with facilities to do so. Reading is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, so dedicating a space to just this in your office could really pay off in the long run. Fill a cosy nook or old meeting room with a range of books both related to your industry and more abstract to help fuel pitch-winning ideas.

5. Fight Monotony as Best You Can

There’s nothing more detrimental to creativity than a sterile, monotonous space that lacks character and intrigue. To counteract this, break up work spaces with interesting artefacts, such as sculptures and wall art, and disperse interesting, aesthetically-appealing furniture throughout your office in order to avoid that pitiful, sea-of-all-white-desks look. 

Making your office space look and feel more creative may feel like a lot of effort to go to – especially when it may take a while to feel the benefits. But when you start to notice a change in your staff, realising that they’re more motivated, productive and creative, you’ll know you made the right choice. A workforce that actually looks forward to coming to work and reaping your business big rewards? Sounds good, when you put it like that.

Why Not Book A Tour?

Would you like to tour our creative and inspiring office space in Nottingham? Due to our flexible contract terms, we can accommodate a wide range of different businesses, creative individuals, freelancers & much more. We are always happy to listen to your requirements and will do our very best to meet them.

To book a tour, call 0115 6971057 and let us know a time and a date that suits you. Or, fill out our contact form below. We can’t wait to show you around our fabulous space and we are sure that once we do, you will fall in love with it too. Just a short distance away from Nottingham City Centre (7 minutes walk!), you will have all you need nearby. This includes good transport links, all the benefits of a thriving city centre, along with quirky and stunning office spaces, contact Oldknows Factory today.

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Office vs Working From Home

As we all know, working from home has been a must over the last few months to minimise the spread of COVID-19. This has bought up a very interesting debate: ‘Working in the Office Vs Working at Home’. We at The Oldknows Factory have put together this article to deep dive into the facts and figures on both sides of the argument. Many companies have shifted their tools and systems for remote teams for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For employees and employers, this is a major adjustment. Working from home can seem to have many advantages at first glances but being able to roll out of bed and onto your PC is not the full story.


The dreaded commute to the office; it may take some of us 5 minutes to walk in, or a two hour drive for others. Did you know that with an average journey time of 65 minutes each day, commuters spend around 70 weeks’ worth of time (492 days) travelling for their job during their working life? This will result in a total cost of £37,399!

However, there are some advantages to going into the office – the main one being the separation between work and home (Plus nothing beats grabbing that morning coffee on your commute into the office). It’s very important for your mental health to have separation between your work and home life. It has also been found that those working from home can find it difficult to switch off. What happens if you get a work email at 7pm from a client? Would you answer it if you were at your PC working from home? When you leave an office at 5 pm on the dot it’s easy to declare work over for the day, but when you work from home those boundaries can get blurred. Work-life balance continues to surge on the importance meter for modern-day employees.


Communication is extremely important within the workplace. If communication breaks down, clients can be lost and relationships within the workplace can suffer. Working from home can be more restrictive if you work with clients and employees. Coming across as professional can be important for securing business, which for some types of work could well rule out meeting at your house. Having an office space solves that problem. If you prefer to work from home, there’s always the option to meet clients in nice cafés or, in the case of particularly important meetings, you could rent office space for the day.

There’s something about relationship-building that happens when you sit next to someone or bump into each other when you go and make a coffee. Communication still happens when you’re working remotely, but it’s not quite the same. Face-to-face communication turns into video calls. Short conversations turn into Skype messages.


Flexibility options are subject to the company that you work for. Working from home may offer the opportunity to work when you feel most productive, as long as you work the allotted hours and complete what’s needed to be done. Working in an office may keep you working set hours, but it has been proven that productivity, especially in creative industries, can be boosted when being in an office surrounded by like-minded individuals.



A recent survey concluded that 47% of employees said they strongly agree that flexible work arrangements “would or do allow me to be more productive” and 31% said they somewhat agree. This can be down to a number of factors and also depending on where the company is based. Consistent research has also shown that remote workers usually log longer hours than their office-bound counterparts.

Let’s not forget that the major advantages of working in an office environment is your coworkers. They keep you motivated, productive and educated about the business. As part of a team, you celebrate the wins and plan together on how to be better employees. Also if an employee is known to procrastinate, then they are likely to have more opportunities to do so at home than at the office.


Employees may enjoy certain aspects about working from home but working from home could cause issues for management. When working from an office, managers have a clear view of what the team members are working on. They can easily go up to an employee and ask questions or hold short discussions or give a small pep talk if they find someone is struggling with an assignment. Not only this. but usually, within an office environment, it is easy to go around the different departments to make sure you can see that everyone is in sync with one another. This may be more difficult to achieve when working from home, although most businesses should have access to technologies to assist with this.

Working in the office is a great way to ensure that deadlines are met and productivity is being managed. It’s great to know what is going on within your team to ensure that your clients will be happy with your work. Working in management from home is possible, but nothing will beat the hands on experience with your team like working in an office.

Office Environment vs. Home Environment

There will always be pros and cons of working remotely and working from home. At the Oldknows Factory, we understand the importance of a good balance, we ensure that through the community that we have built here. We have plenty of happy businesses operating within The Oldknows Factory and we have plenty of room for more businesses to find a new home here. If you would like to learn more about the available options, please get in touch with our team today.

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