How Office Space Demand Has Changed

The pandemic has permanently altered how we think about offices – as companies reassess their real estate needs, it is bound to have a lasting change in the modern organisation.

For further information on our office space for rent in Nottingham, contact Oldknows Factory today. Our team will be happy to assist you, offering a service based on your requirements, such as team size, daily functionality and more. Join our creative and innovative community, boost morale throughout your workplace and take advantage of the unique structure and style.

Office Space After The Pandemic

COVID-19 has fundamentally challenged and changed the way we, as a global workforce, interact, socialize, and collaborate. Flexible working practices, including working from home, have been readily adopted as the coronavirus pandemic has forced a trial run of remote working for industries, businesses, and individuals across the world. As a result, sentiments towards office space, its value, role, and contribution to the operation of daily work tasks are now being re-evaluated by employees and employers. 

While the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards integrating flexible workspaces into corporate real estate portfolios, the fear that the office will lose its relevance is not realistic; rather than becoming obsolete, it will become an increasingly valuable asset in facilitating collaboration and driving business growth. 

Flexible Working

Many tasks can be accomplished remotely without a significant drop in productivity or quality. While virtual conferencing and teleconferences can provide an intermediate solution to in-person interactions and meetings, over time, face-to-face interaction is required to facilitate collaboration, build relationships, solve complex challenges, and generate ideas. 

Most employees, especially those with long commute times, or those that intrinsically travel a lot for their field of work, appreciate having the flexibility and autonomy of having the choice of where and when to work.

Companies Reassessing Their Office Needs

While many companies still want the collaborative atmosphere that the physical office provides, they also desire the advantages that flexible practices offer to support remote working for their employees and clients. That being said, the purpose of an office as a space where people can meet, collaborate, share ideas, and nurture innovation is still vital for many businesses. As companies reassess their real estate needs, the function and role of office space is changing; shifting away from a productivity-based model, the office role is evolving to focus on the people – its values comes as a hub to facilitate meetings and gatherings. And this shift isn’t industry-specific. 

From ‘traditional industries’ such as finance or law, to more creative industries like art & design, communications, advertising, or media, all are rethinking how the office can positively impact their business. With this changing function of the office space, traditional leases with long rental periods are coming into question, and companies are turning to lease agreements that provide more flexibility as a solution to supplement their traditional real estate portfolios.

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Rent Office Space In Nottingham

Renting office space in Nottingham offers a wide range of benefits for your business and working environment. Oldknows Factory offers a community of like-minded and creative individuals, conjoined by their passion for a variety of subjects.

The Oldknows Factory oozes uniqueness and industrial chic. Whether you’re a young professional, an entrepreneur or an established business looking for the opportunity to expand, then you should definitely be considering one of Nottingham’s inspiring landmarks. The old lace factory boasts a range of facilities and amenities to inspire your productivity. With a variety of open communal areas, there is ample opportunity to build your office culture and establish a relaxed modern vibe, shared by all our tenants.

Benefits Of Renting With Oldknows For Your Office Space In Nottingham

Flexible Leases/Contracts

Start-up businesses and established enterprises are treated equally, with offered opportunities for flexible contacts for each of our clients. Through thorough and ongoing conversations and building a mutual understanding, we can establish time brackets to suit your needs.

Central Location

Utilising Oldknows Factory as your working environment gives endless benefits to employees in the form of shopping centres, transport and food courts. With each of these outstanding factors being within minutes of our chic offices, you can truly benefit from Nottingham’s outstanding staples.

Talented Neighbours

By renting with Oldknows, your office space in Nottingham is not only a state of the art space with endless potential, but we are also sure that you’ll be highly impressed by your neighbours. Specialising in a wide range of niches, you may find collaborative opportunities, benefiting both parties in workload or events.

Transport Links

With bus, tram and train stations being within a few minutes walking distance, your business may benefit from Nottingham’s transport links. With simple travelling connections, recruiting opportunities become more apparent and ease access for existing employees, increasing morale throughout the workplace.

Meeting Spaces

Though our office spaces for rent in Nottingham are spacious and able to accommodate many forms of functionalities, we also offer additional meeting spaces. Regardless of the reasoning behind the meeting, whether it may be an interview or a work briefing, we have the meeting space to suit your needs.

For further information on our office space for rent in Nottingham, contact Oldknows Factory today. Our team will be happy to assist you, offering a service based on your requirements, such as team size, daily functionality and more. Join our creative and innovative community, boost morale throughout your workplace and take advantage of the chic industrial aesthetic.

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Office vs Working From Home

As we all know, working from home has been a must over the last few months to minimise the spread of COVID-19. This has bought up a very interesting debate: ‘Working in the Office Vs Working at Home’. We at The Oldknows Factory have put together this article to deep dive into the facts and figures on both sides of the argument. Many companies have shifted their tools and systems for remote teams for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For employees and employers, this is a major adjustment. Working from home can seem to have many advantages at first glances but being able to roll out of bed and onto your PC is not the full story.


The dreaded commute to the office; it may take some of us 5 minutes to walk in, or a two hour drive for others. Did you know that with an average journey time of 65 minutes each day, commuters spend around 70 weeks’ worth of time (492 days) travelling for their job during their working life? This will result in a total cost of £37,399!

However, there are some advantages to going into the office – the main one being the separation between work and home (Plus nothing beats grabbing that morning coffee on your commute into the office). It’s very important for your mental health to have separation between your work and home life. It has also been found that those working from home can find it difficult to switch off. What happens if you get a work email at 7pm from a client? Would you answer it if you were at your PC working from home? When you leave an office at 5 pm on the dot it’s easy to declare work over for the day, but when you work from home those boundaries can get blurred. Work-life balance continues to surge on the importance meter for modern-day employees.


Communication is extremely important within the workplace. If communication breaks down, clients can be lost and relationships within the workplace can suffer. Working from home can be more restrictive if you work with clients and employees. Coming across as professional can be important for securing business, which for some types of work could well rule out meeting at your house. Having an office space solves that problem. If you prefer to work from home, there’s always the option to meet clients in nice cafés or, in the case of particularly important meetings, you could rent office space for the day.

There’s something about relationship-building that happens when you sit next to someone or bump into each other when you go and make a coffee. Communication still happens when you’re working remotely, but it’s not quite the same. Face-to-face communication turns into video calls. Short conversations turn into Skype messages.


Flexibility options are subject to the company that you work for. Working from home may offer the opportunity to work when you feel most productive, as long as you work the allotted hours and complete what’s needed to be done. Working in an office may keep you working set hours, but it has been proven that productivity, especially in creative industries, can be boosted when being in an office surrounded by like-minded individuals.



A recent survey concluded that 47% of employees said they strongly agree that flexible work arrangements “would or do allow me to be more productive” and 31% said they somewhat agree. This can be down to a number of factors and also depending on where the company is based. Consistent research has also shown that remote workers usually log longer hours than their office-bound counterparts.

Let’s not forget that the major advantages of working in an office environment is your coworkers. They keep you motivated, productive and educated about the business. As part of a team, you celebrate the wins and plan together on how to be better employees. Also if an employee is known to procrastinate, then they are likely to have more opportunities to do so at home than at the office.


Employees may enjoy certain aspects about working from home but working from home could cause issues for management. When working from an office, managers have a clear view of what the team members are working on. They can easily go up to an employee and ask questions or hold short discussions or give a small pep talk if they find someone is struggling with an assignment. Not only this. but usually, within an office environment, it is easy to go around the different departments to make sure you can see that everyone is in sync with one another. This may be more difficult to achieve when working from home, although most businesses should have access to technologies to assist with this.

Working in the office is a great way to ensure that deadlines are met and productivity is being managed. It’s great to know what is going on within your team to ensure that your clients will be happy with your work. Working in management from home is possible, but nothing will beat the hands on experience with your team like working in an office.

Office Environment vs. Home Environment

There will always be pros and cons of working remotely and working from home. At the Oldknows Factory, we understand the importance of a good balance, we ensure that through the community that we have built here. We have plenty of happy businesses operating within The Oldknows Factory and we have plenty of room for more businesses to find a new home here. If you would like to learn more about the available options, please get in touch with our team today.

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