Ella Louise changes the perception of second hand clothing

Ella Louise moved to the Oldknows Factory at the end of February. I had the pleasure to have a chat with her about her vintage clothes brand SeasonsofElla which can be purchased on Depop. Ella Louise chooses carefully the second hand clothes,  handpicking only the ones that match her very unique style. She is a big supporter of the idea that we have to be more responsible with our resources and recycle the fabulous material that is already out there instead of supporting the ” throw away ‘ culture of the fashion world. She has been for a year to India.  Ella Louise used the time in India to build up a collaboration with a charity which supports women who live in slums or on the street. This charity teaches the women skills like sewing so they can earn their own money to have the chance to improve their lives. Ella Louise sends her designs and pattern creations to India , the women convert them into clothes and send them back to England. In this process they use fabric which consists of offcuts from big fabric and fashion companies. These offcuts would be normally discarded and end up on landfill. Don’t waste resources. SeasonsofElla is an absolutely great scheme! Buy less and more responsible.

In her studio at Oldknows Factory she shoots little videos to show how variable her fashion pieces are. Ella Louise said since she is in her studio the quality of her pictures and videos have improved dramatically due to the perfect light that comes through the big window. Her followers on Instagram increased to a staggering 20+k since she is posting the videos she is producing at Oldknows Factory. We are happy that this wonderful building still does its job fabulously, helping ambitious people to have the best success. Since the 1850’s we may add.

Ella Louise is someone to watch and we are very happy to have her as a member of our Oldknows Factory family.

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Victor is a graphic designer specialising in the arts

Victor and his SimaoStudio graphic design is focussed on the promotion of the arts. He works closely together with theatres, film companies and artists. He benefits from the experience he collected while working as a curator. Victor supports film companies in creating little promotional videos to make it easier for small freelance independent film makers to gain grants. His work is amazing and if you are an independent creative who wants to push your degree of brand awareness Victor is your right choice.

At the moment Victor works closely with the Nottingham Contemporary and the Campus Independent Study Program.

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Malvern building his brand Careright Solutions

Malvern and his company Careright Solutions are new residents at Oldknows Factory. Malvern wants to revolutionise the world of care. The care sector will become more and more important as the demography shows that citizens will get older and older.

The perfect care solution is varied as the people who need it. It might be a visit to support at household chores and offering company for the elderly who are still capable to run their life and just need a bit of help. Up to support for the bedridden and sick ones who need 24/7 assistance.

Malvern is very passionate about his clients and his staff. His staff is handpicked and during his interviews he makes sure they share the same passion and beliefs.

Careright Solutions is definitely a company to watch.

During our little chat Malvern mentioned that he really loves coming to work at his office in Oldknows Factory.  Malvern said that Oldknows Factory is an Utopia of everything, brilliant network, fab people and a wonderful positive vibe.

Thank you so much for your kind words . You are a fabulous addition to our Oldknows Factory family.

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Thrive Learning at Oldknows Factory

Thrive Learning is a smart start up company which has moved to its Oldknows Factory premises at the end of last year.

The company is all about learning and giving you the right tools to improve your skills to make a stand in the modern world of work. Thrive Learning offers  LXP features, bespoke E-learning that is really tailored to your needs. Covering all topics you need from leading, manager, interview, health, public speaking skills just to name a few , Thrive Learning covers it all.

Contact them if you would like to find out more. Their amazing team will be happy to support and help.

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