Questions to ask when leasing office space

So, you’re one step closer to expanding your business and renting your dream office space. The real question is though, what do you wish for the future? The last thing you want is to find out that certain facilities you would have liked to use aren’t available to you. Or maybe you didn’t expect the rent to increase per year. There are many problems that entrepreneurs run into when deciding what office space to rent. 


In this blog, we’ve put together all of the questions to ask when leasing office space. 


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What is included in the lease? 


This is one of the most important questions to ask when leasing office space. Some buildings will include different facilities and services which might cost a little extra. This could include utilities, office furniture, equipment and more. You might want to ask whether you can get these services at an additional cost, or if you have to pay for them at all. You might be able to have access to a bundle of services for a cheaper price, if you would like your staff to have the best experience.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? 


Typically, the landlord will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the building, however, this is not always the case. You will need to ask the landlord if you will be responsible. If you are worried that you may not be able to afford this, you may want to find somewhere else. You need to make sure that this is one of the questions to ask when leasing office space as maintenance and repairs costs can be high and usually need to be dealt with immediately.

Get to know your landlord


You may learn valuable information by knowing who your landlord is. If you don’t meet him through the process, why not ask other people who rent out their spaces? You could get a good insight into whether they get repairs fixed quickly or if they’re a good person to work with etc. 

At Oldknows Factory, the landlord takes pride in the way that he has made a community of businesses by featuring open, communal spaces where people can communicate. 

Will my rent increase at any point? 


Unfortunately, rent can increase in some cases. You will need to find this out before you go for the office space to avoid paying higher rent than expected in the future. You will be able to find all the details in your contract or via your landlord about this. Sometimes rental increases are set for specific amounts. In contrast, some may not specify how much the rent will increase by. This is one of the most important questions to ask when leasing office space, as you don’t want to come across any additional costs that you didn’t know about.


Will there be enough room for all of your employees and growth? 


When thinking about how much space you need, you need to consider whether there’s enough space to accommodate yourself, your employees and any visitors you may have. In addition to this, if you plan on growing your business, you will need additional space. Ideally, your employees need to feel comfortable, which means giving them a space that they can fully utilise without feeling cramped. In the UK, we’re going in and out of lockdown too, which means socially distanced offices are a must to ensure everyone’s safety.


Are there parking spaces?


Parking can be essential to your employees as it means that they won’t have to pay additional costs for travelling. This is especially important in busy inner city areas, where parking in public car parks can become very expensive. You’ll need to find an office space that offers parking for your employees, clients and visitors. 


Oldknows Factory has offices that have parking opportunities. Just reach out to us to find out more.


Are there penalties for ending the agreement early? 


You may find that you unexpectedly cannot afford the rent for a particular month especially if this is your first time getting an office space. In these situations, you may feel the need to leave your lease early which could potentially include additional charges.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘questions to ask when leasing office space’. If you’re thinking about renting office space in Nottingham, why not take a look at Oldknows Factory today?

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How to arrange an office space

Sometimes arranging an office space can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have an odd-shaped office. Sometimes changing an office space can create a refreshing start for both you and your employees to grow. If you arrange your office space in a practical way, you can not only create a better aesthetic experience but also increase comfort, productivity and inspiration. 


Having a poorly designed office space could potentially lead to bigger problems on a wider scale. Jeff Pochepan writes “higher stress levels, emotional rifts between departments, corporate resentment, employee bickering, mental health issues, anxiety, and even physical problems such as backaches and reduced eye vision” can be a result of a badly designed office space. Good office space on the other hand can increase productivity, lengthen the time that employees stay with the business and create a more forward-thinking workspace. 


If you’re looking for an office space that is well arranged, yet has space to put your own stamp on it, take a look at Oldknows Factory today.


How to arrange an office space: Make a good plan


As with any design work, a good plan is needed to be able to know how much to spend, what will be practical and how much space you have. Depending on your budget, it might be worth hiring an interior designer to give you ideas and put together something special. It could also be beneficial to get input from your employees to see what would pique interest for them.


How to arrange an office space: Don’t consider anything unpractical


Uncomfortable chairs are not the way forward, no matter how they look. You are going to be spending the majority of your day sitting down and working, so it’s important to make sure that your employees are comfortable. Designs that aren’t ergonomic like chairs can cause health problems such as back pain migraines and even eye strain. Oldknows Factory has practical solutions in their offices, such as kitchen space, toilets, break out spaces and boardrooms. 


How to arrange an office space: Have a variety of different options


Something that suits your needs don’t necessarily suit others needs. Having a variety of different desks and chairs to suit an individual will make them feel more comfortable. Even incorporating quiet spaces or standing up desks gives employees flexibility and might help them work harder.


How to arrange an office space: Natural lighting is key


If you don’t have much natural lighting, utilise the light that you do have. Place mirrors opposite windows or has desks next to windows. If you don’t have any natural lighting, invest in some nice lighting that imitates natural light in different areas. You could even invest in some desk lights for people to highlight their work. Oldknows Factory has office spaces available with big windows letting in plenty of light. 


How to arrange an office space: Leave open space


It can often be tempting to buy plenty of furniture for an office to facilitate different activities but don’t forget that open space is good too. Spaces that turn your eye and have visual complexity is good as they give your mind something to do. On the other hand, too much complexity can seem chaotic and unpeaceful.


How to arrange an office space: Make sure you have plenty of storage space


Make sure that you have enough space to store all of the different types of files you may have. Space for things like a water dispenser, any stock you may have and anything else associated with your business. 


How to arrange an office space: Plan for growth


Make sure that you have enough space for growth. Are you planning to have some new employees start this year? Do you have enough chairs in the kitchen? Or enough space for their desk and facilities? If you organise your space thinking about 1 year into the future, you won’t need to reorganize or redesign your space too early. 


How to arrange an office space: Is your office too cold, or too warm?


You may want to consider if your employees will be at the right temperature and place. For example, it won’t be a good idea to put a desk near an open window in the wintertime, nor will it be ideal to have a desk placed in the sunlight during the summertime. Make sure you have all the right equipment in place to battle this issue, such as curtains and double glazed windows.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to arrange an office space’. If you are looking for trendy office space in the Nottingham area, take a look at Oldknows Factory today.

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How to design an office space

Whether it’s your first time designing an office space, or you’re redesigning an outdated space, we have written about all of the tips and tricks in this blog to create something inspiring. Sometimes it can be difficult to simply start a project, especially when an office has to be practical, inspiring and comfortable. If you work full time you will be spending 33.3% of your life at work, so it’s important that you get the design right. The days of blue office chairs, grey carpets and beige walls are gone, it’s time to make your office space creative, unique and inspiring for the forward-thinking individuals that work for the business. 


Business’ all over the globe are encouraging their employees to spend more time at the office by designing spaces that cater to their employee’s needs. Some offices have leisure spaces, cool out zones, some even with beauty salons and medical facilities. Of course, there’s no obligation to do any of this, but if you can find something that your employees want, they’re likely to enjoy working for you much more. 


If you’re looking for office spaces in Nottingham, take a look at Old knows Factory today.


Without further ado, let’s discuss how to design an office space.


Open office spaces


In modern times, open office spaces are taking storm. This doesn’t just create a space that seems bigger and create a great aesthetic, it also means that your employees can speak directly to each other, which saves time and brings new ideas to light. This could mean dismantling walls and rearranging furniture, but it could be worth it if you have to communicate regularly in the business. An open office will open up opportunities on how to design an office space, as you are not limited to containing furniture in certain areas. If you’re looking for open office space, Oldknows Factory has some great open offices with fantastic designs.


Natural lighting is key


Lighting may seem like a minimal feature, but it actually enhances productivity. According to a Leesman survey, 72 per cent of workers said that natural light was an important feature. These workers experienced higher levels of productivity and engagement with their work. In addition to this, natural lighting also means spending less on bills. Oldknows Factory has plenty of natural lighting in their offices, which is great for production. 


Introduce more glass 


Having glass to partition certain spaces is a great way to keep the natural light inside the office area whilst maintaining privacy. Glass will keep out the sound and offer an element of privacy if needed which is great for those important meetings or client calls. This could for example, be incorporated in board rooms. This is a great way how to design an office space, as it gives an open space with more privacy.


Break out spaces


A break out space can be used for employees to relax during their lunch breaks and de-stress from the day. Break out spaces aren’t just a benefit for employees, they also benefit the company greatly by giving employees space to think more clearly and come up with innovative ideas. The good thing about creative spaces is that they can be designed in any way you wish. There’s no need to keep them formal as there’s plenty of opportunities to make them fun and creative.


Sit and stand up desks


When thinking about how to design an office space, you have to think about your employee’s comfort. Sitting down for long periods of time is unhealthy for anyone, with new research stating that sitting is linked to being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death. To combat these issues, workplaces have put standing up desks in place to benefit their employees. 


Invest in quality furniture


Quality furniture can seem like a big expense, however, if you invest in this, it saves you money in the long run. Cheap flat pack furniture will simply not be able to hold up over time, especially if you’re planning to expand the number of employees in the business. Furniture needs to stand the test of time as it will be used all day, every day.


Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to design an office space’. If you are looking for futuristic office spaces in Nottingham, take a look at Oldknows Factory today.

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Do I Need An Open Plan Or Private Office Space?

Both small and larger businesses are beginning to take advantage of co-working and flexible workspaces for their businesses. Flexible workspaces give businesses the opportunity to easily set up and run a business within a few hours. Instead of looking for a perfect location for your business, paying expensive rents, furnishing and employing staff, co-working spaces give these features all in one. Whereas many have opted for private office space, whether it’s within or outside a co-working facility.


Open Plan vs Private Office Space

Flexible workspaces offer both open plan and private offices. The open plan allows you to share the same facilities like desks, chairs, pantry and resources with fellow co-workers. The private office plan provides you with a dedicated office premise where only you and your team to control, manage and oversee the resources and facilities. Some major drawbacks of public/open workspaces have made many co-working space providers provide private offices for rent.

Both office plans have their advantages and disadvantages. It can be tough to decide which is best for your team. Of course, choosing between an open and private office can also affect the growth of your business in many ways. In order to assist your decision-making process, we have come up with a sharp comparison between both types of offices.


Open Office Plan

An open office setup provides your team with an option of hot desk, fixed desk or dedicated desk. The major advantage of an open workspace is that it is exciting, fun, and lively. It opens the door to socialisation and networking with fellow co-workers.


Pros of Open Office Plan

1. Build a Community Around Your Business

Operating in an open plan office gives your team an opportunity to meet with fellow coworkers and form a community. Of course, by having professionals in the same field or industry, you can enhance creativity and innovation. So, if you and your team need to establish a community around your business, an open plan office is the best for you. Apart from using the facility, you also have the chance to establish a community around your business.

2. Collaborate with Fellow Coworkers

Another important benefit of using an open office facility is the ability to collaborate with fellow coworkers even from different industries. In an open office set up, you can meet and establish a relationship with a complementary business that will boost your business. For instance, if you sell baby wears, you can meet a graphics designer in an open office set up who can carefully take an astonishing picture of your products. Such collaboration is vital for every team. 

3. Opportunity to Network yourself

Networking means you are meeting people in other industries who can link you with potential customers or partners.  This is a form of mutual relationship and benefits you stand to derive from using open office space. A fellow coworker sharing an open space with you can easily refer/recommend you to a friend or family who needs your service or product.

4. It is Cheaper 

Above all, an open working space is significantly cheaper than the private/dedicated one in terms of rent and amenities. More so, open spaces are more flexible and you can easily switch to another table or upgrade your space.

Cons of Open Office Plan

1. Noise 

The most obvious disadvantage of an open workspace is noise. The very nature of an open desk space is that every coworker tends to communicate and interact openly. This invariably means noise within the space. Although some companies are particular about a lively and cozy place, the kind of atmosphere in an open working space can sometimes be too noisy and distracting for your team.

2. Hard to build a company culture

You are not able to build your desired culture, heritage, and plans for your company or business in an open workspace. You have to rely on what the environment brings rather than deciding what the environment should be. If you need to build a unique culture for your company, you should consider private offices for rent.


Private Office 

In a private office plan, your team is provided with a dedicated office within the co-working environment where you can carry out all your transactions and activities. This space is particularly accustomed to you and you can build your desired culture within this premise.

Pros of Private Office 

1. A Quiet Working Environment

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of all time in private offices is a calm and quiet working environment. A private office will definitely contain only your team and none else. More so, you will be in charge of all the facilities and share with no one else. Thus, if your team needs absolute silence and decorum, private offices for rent will surely be a nice investment.

2.  Absolute Control over your office

Some businesses always love and prefer having their things in a particular order. Operating in a private office means that you can have everything, including design and layout according to your wishes. More so, you can customize your office and paste personalized banners and posters where necessary. All these, of course, can have a big impact on productivity.


3. It Enhances your Business Image

Most clients want to work with firms and companies with high reputation and standard. Inviting a potential client to an open working space may compromise your image. Private offices tend to boost your business image and raise your standard. Its also well known that most businesses that use private offices tend to be more established or well funded, in the case of startups.

4. Desired Privacy

Another vital advantage of a private working space is privacy. You no longer need to hear all those irrelevant conversations and get involved in the unnecessary mess. More so, private offices allow you to discuss those confidential and personal issues with your team members and customers.

Cons of Private Office 

1. You might miss all the fun and dividends

The major disadvantage of a private office is that you tend to miss all the fun and excitement of an open workspace. In addition, you may miss the core benefits of working in an open space like collaboration, networking and socializing.

2.  More Expensive 

Not only are they less flexible, but private offices are also typically more expensive than open offices. Of course, if you really need privacy to run your business, you definitely need to pay more.

Which one Is For You?

As you can see, both open and private office plans have their advantages and disadvantages. Your choice, however, will depend on your need and business type. If you are a new startup and you really need to network yourself in a more economical option, an open office or co-working facility can be the best for you. On the other hand, if your team handles more privacy and exclusivity, a private office should be a better option.

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How Office Space Demand Has Changed

The pandemic has permanently altered how we think about offices – as companies reassess their real estate needs, it is bound to have a lasting change in the modern organisation.

For further information on our office space for rent in Nottingham, contact Oldknows Factory today. Our team will be happy to assist you, offering a service based on your requirements, such as team size, daily functionality and more. Join our creative and innovative community, boost morale throughout your workplace and take advantage of the unique structure and style.

Office Space After The Pandemic

COVID-19 has fundamentally challenged and changed the way we, as a global workforce, interact, socialize, and collaborate. Flexible working practices, including working from home, have been readily adopted as the coronavirus pandemic has forced a trial run of remote working for industries, businesses, and individuals across the world. As a result, sentiments towards office space, its value, role, and contribution to the operation of daily work tasks are now being re-evaluated by employees and employers. 

While the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards integrating flexible workspaces into corporate real estate portfolios, the fear that the office will lose its relevance is not realistic; rather than becoming obsolete, it will become an increasingly valuable asset in facilitating collaboration and driving business growth. 

Flexible Working

Many tasks can be accomplished remotely without a significant drop in productivity or quality. While virtual conferencing and teleconferences can provide an intermediate solution to in-person interactions and meetings, over time, face-to-face interaction is required to facilitate collaboration, build relationships, solve complex challenges, and generate ideas. 

Most employees, especially those with long commute times, or those that intrinsically travel a lot for their field of work, appreciate having the flexibility and autonomy of having the choice of where and when to work.

Companies Reassessing Their Office Needs

While many companies still want the collaborative atmosphere that the physical office provides, they also desire the advantages that flexible practices offer to support remote working for their employees and clients. That being said, the purpose of an office as a space where people can meet, collaborate, share ideas, and nurture innovation is still vital for many businesses. As companies reassess their real estate needs, the function and role of office space is changing; shifting away from a productivity-based model, the office role is evolving to focus on the people – its values comes as a hub to facilitate meetings and gatherings. And this shift isn’t industry-specific. 

From ‘traditional industries’ such as finance or law, to more creative industries like art & design, communications, advertising, or media, all are rethinking how the office can positively impact their business. With this changing function of the office space, traditional leases with long rental periods are coming into question, and companies are turning to lease agreements that provide more flexibility as a solution to supplement their traditional real estate portfolios.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Open Office Space

Open office spaces have been proven to greatly benefit the working environment, allowing for better communication between employees as well as introducing better aesthetics. Whether you’ve just invested in one, or have been working in one for years, there are always new ways to improve your open office space


Organising your office space can improve the environment both you and your employees work in. Reduce the clutter in your office and remove any furnishings, equipment and decor that are taking up unnecessary space. Encourage your employees to go paperless, which can benefit the environment as well as your office space. This removes the need for filing systems, both on desks and off, and allows for easier access to documents online. 

Encourage employees to organise their desks so their working environment can feel less cluttered. Research has shown that people work more efficiently in cleaner and organised environments. 

Introduce colour 

There’s nothing more boring than sitting in a dull office for 8 hours a day. Introducing colour with vibrant furnishings and decor can stimulate minds and improve productivity. 

Blue and green can improve efficiency and focus by providing an overall sense of well-being. These earthy colours create happier and more effective workers. Red can be quite intense and in an office environment should be used sparingly, but can be effective to draw attention to something. Yellow represents optimism and can create a fresh feeling. This colour is best used in creative office environments, as it is known to trigger innovation. 

Seasonal Decorations 

Christmas, Halloween and Easter are all reasons enough to decorate your open office space with seasonal decor. Unique decorations attract attention and can even bring in future clients. 

Decorating your office with seasonal decor can also boost employee morale. Getting your workforce involved with office decorating can improve working life and create a happier environment to work in. 

Food & Drink Facilities

The legal requirements for office spaces are providing drinking water, a place to eat, and a hygienic environment to prepare food. If this is all your open office space has, consider investing in finer food and drink facilities. This could include: ovens, fridges, microwaves, tea and coffee facilities, pantries, and cutlery. 

Improving these facilities can make employees feel more comfortable, which may lead to improved productivity and higher morale. Investing in tea and coffee facilities, in particular, could greatly improve efficiency by providing a way to boost energy levels. 


Dark and dull office spaces can have a significant negative impact on employee mental health. Lighting makes a huge difference in mood, productivity and health, and can improve someone’s working life.

Natural light, in particular, has been proven to have a positive effect on employees, a key feature of open office spaces in The Oldknows Factory. Even if you don’t have access to an abundance of natural lighting, LED lights can still improve efficiency in the working environment. Create a positive impression of your workforce and invest in better lighting. 

The Oldknows Factory in Nottingham provides excellent open office spaces for businesses across the country. You can easily improve your open office space with the offices we provide, including natural lighting and open environments. Rent your open office space in Nottingham today, or contact The Oldknows Factory for more information.

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