Office Space Do I Need

A common mistake businesses make is miscalculating how much office space they will need. Especially under the current global pandemic, it is even more important than ever that you pick the right sized office for you. No more cramped up offices, desk-to-desk, we now have to make sure we’re two metres apart from our colleagues and don’t work face to face. This means possibly doubling the office space size and determining how much you intend to grow your business. In this blog article, we will discuss roughly how much space you need for your Nottingham office so you feel prepared for your exciting new venture! 

If you’re asking yourself the question ‘How much office space do I need?’, it is likely that you’re currently looking for an office space for your own staff. If you’re unsure about the current guidelines and where you are able to rent out a safe office space- we’ve got you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your trendy new office space in Nottingham. 

Pre lockdown vs lockdown – How much office space do I need? 

Before lockdown, the average desk space for one person was 10 square metres or even decreasing to a minimum of 7-8 square metres in London. This estimate means that a person acquires 5 square metres for a desk and 5 square metres for themselves. During lockdown, the safe space size per person has increased to 20 square metres at a minimum. Although this is a disadvantage for businesses as they will have to spend more on their required amount of office space, it is much safer and more comfortable for their employees. Many employers have now realised how well their staff work from home, so could reduce their staff working from the office by 30%. This will downsize their office, effectively reducing the cost of the extra space required due to covid regulations. 

What about other required office spaces like the toilet, kitchen and meeting rooms?

It’s worth keeping in mind that you will have to consider areas where your employee’s can ‘chill out’, cook, eat and go to the toilet. Without a kitchenette and toilet, you are breaking the rules outlined by the workplace regulations act 1992. Take our guideline as a rule of thumb when considering the amount of office space you need. 

Small meeting room (2-4 people) – 40 square metres

Large meeting room (4-8 people) – 80 square metres

Board room (15 – 20 people) – 160 square metres

Training/conference room (20 – 30 person) – 200 square metres

Kitchenette – 40 square metres

Small server room (1 server rack) – 20 square metres

Manager’s office – 40 square metres

Senior manager’s office (with a small meeting table) – 80 square metres

Toilet- 40 square metres

If I’m planning to grow my business, how much office space do I need? 

If you’re planning to hire new people, you need to consider how much extra office space you will need in the future. You have three options.

Option 1–  In my opinion, the most moral and easy way to do this is to consider how many more people you expect to hire in the next 3 years and dedicate a zone for the expected new employee’s. 

Option 2– You could also get a bigger office space and give more space to your current employee’s, slowly decreasing their space as newcomers arrive. Although this option is the most common, it isn’t great for morale unless you make it clear to your employee’s that some of their space will eventually be taken up.

Option 3– The third option is to buy the office size you need and find somewhere else as and when you need it. This is the most stressful outcome as you don’t know when you might need to move- it could be in just 6 months! When you already have the stress of running a business, you do not need the added stress of moving all your employee’s and all the equipment to an uncomfortable, new environment.

If my business is different, how much office space do I need? 

Our blog is just a guideline, and you may want to consider how your office space size will affect your employee’s and your business. For example, if you hand sew clothes, you will need to consider space for a sewing machine and materials. This will ensure your employees are comfortable. 

The new, trendy way to run your office 

Many more employers are now considering open-plan offices, where everyone is in one, big, open office space. This new trend is catching onto many businesses due to:

  • Easier communication due to no physical barriers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility 

If you want to look at the benefits of having an open office in detail, you can read our blog about it. 

Other points worth mentioning when you think ‘how much office space do I need’? 

What is the office shape? – You will need to consider the shape of the office as if it is an awkward shape you may not be able to fit as many staff in as required.

What style of office do I want? – Do you want something vibrant, or simple and airy? If your business is creative you might want lots of light, or a darker room might suit you if you require a stock room.

What is the condition of the office space? – At the end of the day, you need to make sure your staff are happy. Is your office going to be too cold in the winter? Is the space going to inspire your staff to work more efficiently? These are all things to consider. 

Can you be more efficient with equipment space? – Would it be better to have a room specifically for equipment or have it spread out over the office? 

How much does an office space cost? – Generally, property agents work out the price per square foot. Make sure that you compare prices to get the most out of your money. 

Overall, the best way to decide on what office you want is to see it yourself. I hope this guide has helped you develop new ideas for your office space, we wish you the best of luck! If you are looking for new, trendy office space to rent in Nottingham, you should browse our website today!