Warm welcome to Jagoda Baranowska

Jagoda moved into our 5 D/E creative suite. Jagoda creates wonderful murals for her clients and her next project will be the restyling of our graffiti yard. We love to work closely together with our tenants. Networking is key.

Check out Jagoda’s Instagram page, her creativity is endless. So whatever your vision for your interiors at your home , Jagoda can make it come true.

Jagoda is a wonderful addition to our Oldknows Factory family.

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Karen Miele Printmaker in 5C

Karen is a wonderful addition to our 5C creative studio. Karen’s artwork is very diverse. Her work contains prints , paintings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, collages and so many more. The colours of her creations are vibrant , bright and ooze a fabulous positive vibe. If you need a unique present for a friend or a treat for yourself have a look at her shop at Etsy KAREN MIELE ART Karen’s work is affordable but adds a splash of bright beauty in your home .

Karen loves to work from her Oldknows Factory studio and she appreciates very much the creative environment . We are very happy to have Karen at Oldknows Factory .

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Lee van Hallam ,brilliant portrait artist (among many many other talents )

Lee , one of our long term residents at Oldknows Factory , is just incredibly talented. It is always a joy to visit him in his studio and go through his maps of work. A few years ago he did a drawing of my daughter which I gave as a Christmas present to my Mum. So unique and beautiful. The whole family loves it and the drawing has now a special place in my Mum’s home.

During his travels through Britain he takes plenty of photos which inspires him to be transformed into a painting or a drawing . He has an eye to take a detail out of the context of a composition and this detail stands alone as a magical new topic . Lee said something beautiful describing his work : It is like a poem floating over a story. How gorgeous is that saying ?!

His creativity doesn’t stop there …. Lee is a fantastic musician and composer as well. Lee receives regularly art commission work .

Lee’s music 

Lee’s art

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